• Welcome! My name is Adam Craven, and I do all this ChannelAdam paraphernalia.

    ChannelAdam is a place where I can share information on various topics including life, science and technology - anything that I find useful enough to note or write about!


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    The ChannelAdam Software Development Zone provides tips and helpful information related to: solution integration, patterns and practices, data science / artificial intelligence / machine learning, cloud computing, Web development, clean coding, Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD), quality assurance, testing, .NET, C#, JavaScript, PowerShell, Java, and other languages and scripts, and software development tools.

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    The Software Programming & Development Google+ Community is for your entire software development team (including technical and business people) to keep up with the latest industry news and to discuss more than just coding - so we all can improve the world's software and development practices!