Purpose of Life Framework

What is your purpose in life? Here is one possible way to inspire you.

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Purpose of Life Framework Purpose To be fulfilled How? By caring Eliciting peace (through awareness & a larger perspective) Eliciting awe & humbleness Continual self-development & counteracting entropy Eliciting love & joy Developing enlightenment, wisdom & compassion Creating healthy, clean, flourishing, balanced & sustainable ecosystems with minimal & without unnecessary suffering of any inhabitants Cultivating mind, body & spirit Being mindful Spiritual practices Being a part of something greater than oneself Practicing gratitude Shine your light on others Smile Mediation practices Inner smile Internal martial arts Tai Chi Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Chi Running Cultivating health & well being Relaxation Play Free time Holidays Games Massage Stretching Exercise Nutrition Connecting with others Different perspectives Family Friends Friends to be Cultivating & exhibiting traits of: Compassion Kindness Love Bringing heartfelt warmth, love & joy to others Granting wishes Hugging Joy Peace Harmony Contentment Patience Attention to detail Enthusiasm & passion Efficiency Confidence Fairness Self-control / discretion Fortitude Charity Exploring, discovering, experiencing, learning, creating / inventing & making Experiencing every day with a beginner's mind Traveling Adventures Experiencing flow / absorption Experiencing beauty Experiencing nature - mountains, outdoors, fresh air... Viewing scenery - landscapes, sunsets, space, art Listening to music Subjects Medicine & related Nutrition Biological sciences Psychology Botany Genetics Microbiology Sport & exercise science Kinesiology Biomechanics Neuroscience Veterinary sciences Agriculture & related Food & beverage Cooking Restaurant management Animal science Physical sciences Physics Forensic & archeological sciences Astronomy Mathematical sciences Computer science Software engineering Data science Artificial intelligence Machine learning Statistics Data analysis Engineering & technology Mechanical engineering Aerospace engineering Electronic & electrical engineering Biotechnology Materials science & engineering Nanotechnology Biomaterials Metallurgy Architecture, building and planning Landscape & garden design Social studies Anthropology Sociology Law Business & administrative studies Mass communications & documentation Languages Linguistics Phonetics Neurolinguistics Literature Comparative literary studies Ancient language studies History & philosophical studies Archaeology Philosophy Theology & religious studies Creative arts & design Fine art Music Cinematics & photography Crafts Education Training teachers Research & study skills in education Empowering others Uplifting the human psyche Recognising Thanking Encouraging Appreciating Complementing Inspiring confidence Helping the genuinely: Handicapped Accessibility technology Poor Sick Having or providing: Fundamentals Shelter Safety Food & drink Health & well-being Exercise Nutrition Access to medicines Access to therapies Education & training Conflict resolution skills Freedom Opportunity Options & choice Preserving & uplifting Life & ecosystems Maintaining & improving the quality of life Minimising: Suffering Being vegetarian / vegan Ego Desired characteristics: Healthy Balanced Sustainable Clean Adaptable Flourishing Environmental causes Inhabitants: Human Non-human History Lessons learnt To gain knowledge & wisdom